Monday, February 23, 2015

Pinterest versus Toddler...

As we were making dinner this weekend my husband paused, looking down at a glass vase full of soapy water and half a banana. The banana was blissfully floating on top of the bubbly water and after a minute he made a face. "Is this a Pinterest thing? Does the banana help get the water spots off or something?"

Now, this really isn't that odd of a question. We've tried some weird Pinterest stuff before, some of which was brilliant and some of which was...well...ineffective. However, this time it was a case of the rabid toddler. She wanted a banana, then once she got one she didn't want it anymore and was about to throw it on the floor. I scolded her that we don't throw food, so she plopped it into the vase (which was soaking to get the spots off).

The next morning I tossed everything down the sink and gave the vase a good rinse. To be honest the spots from the flowers and hard water lifted right off. I don't know if it was the banana or not, but hey.... Maybe I should Pin the suggestion.

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